Equity made Estonia an educational front runner


Estonia has combined a belief in learning with equal-access technology to create one of world’s best education systems.

  • Estonia became a top performer in the most recent PISA, a worldwide study of 15-year-old students’ capabilities in math, reading, and science.
  • PISA data showed that Estonia has done remarkably well in reducing the gap between a student’s socioeconomic background and their access to quality education.
  • The country’s push toward providing equal-access to learning technology is a modern example of the culture’s dedication to equity in education.

As I performed my interviews for this article, one fact was made abundantly clear: Estonians aren’t ones to engage in lavish praise and pat-on-the-back congratulations. A far more self-critical culture, they find comfort forgoing the small talk, getting to work, and honing in on areas to improve. But one area where Estonians will simply have to grit and bare the praise is in discussing their education system. Smaller than West Virginia and with a population of 1.3 million, this Baltic state has developed one of the world’s best education systems as assessed by the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) results.

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