Estonian Academy of Arts


The EKA Summer Academy of Art, Design and Architecture 2020: Experiences on Borders is organised by the Open Academy of the Estonian Academy of Arts (EKA). In 2020 we will organize our fourth international summer school. The value is to empower life and find creative resources and growth within finite resources for life through creative education.

The courses will focus on innovative, solution-seeking, salient topics: using renewable resources in design, experimenting with type design and typography, finding innovative/radical clothing care practices, learning traditional painting techniques and studying it with digital research methods, using montage in performing arts, experimenting with historical iron smelting, ideating painting and drawing in art schools, and designing interaction solutions for the National Library.

The teaching staff of the Summer Academy includes leading educators, researchers and artists from EKA and its partner universities. The participants (usually over 120) come from all over the world and the competition to one place is 2-2.5 depending on the course.

Duration:4-8 days. Location: Estonia and the Estonian Academy of Arts.


Summer courses / schools, Workshops

Type of education

lifelong learning

Target group


Price / Cost

2020: 6 free of charge courses and 2 courses: 440 or 550 EUR.