The Network of County Development Centres


The Enterprising School is an educational program directed towards the integration of entrepreneurship education into the school system in order to improve the quality of education and thereby increase young people’s success in life.
Implementation of the Enterprising School model will help educational institutions to:
• connect learning with real life, where you do not play, but do actual things and activities;
• successfully cooperate with parents and partners;
• make learning more interesting;
• put a sparkle in the eyes of both pupils and teachers;
• contribute to the local community.

There is more than 124 schools and 15 kindergartens in the network of the Enterprising School in Estonia.


Learning methods, Study visits, Workshops

Type of education

basic education, pre-school education, secondary education

Target group

Educational institutions and
local authorities.

Price / Cost

Specific approach will be designed based on the specific needs and interests.