University of Tartu, Tallinn Univesity, Tallinn University of Technology (Taltech)


The STARTER program is about entrepreneurial learning experience in the supportive hands-on learning environment with the aim to
develop the entrepreneurial spirit and skills of young people and their ability to identify problems in the society;
– provide entrepreneurial learning experiences through team, idea, business model and prototype development;
– develop entrepreneurial competences;
– encourage young people to start their own business.


Consultations, Learning methods, Study programs, Study visits, Trainings, Workshops

Type of education

basic education, higher education, secondary education, vocational education

Target group

Educational institutions and/or organisations who who want to provide extra-curricular entrepreneurship training programme for students.

Price / Cost

STARTER programme full package (6-8 workshops, mentor feedback event and pitching competition) cost starts from 35 000 eur (incl planning, expert fees and project management).


Piret Arusaar (University of Tartu ) 51 62 945
Kristy T├Ąttar (TalTech Mektory)